Naji Giahe Najiyan Co.

Naji Giahe Najiyan Co.

Subject: Production of distillates and all herbal products

Province: East Azerbaijan

Address: Sanaati energy mashin Alley, Opposite of Pharmacy dana, 8 km of Tehran Road, Tabriz - IRAN

Phone: 041 - 36 30 12 61 - 65

Fax: 041 - 36 30 12 66

More Information: Trade and commerce in order to provide reliable and timely goods, from the very beginning of human society and the persistence of social life and important role and has enjoyed a special place.
At the same time continued economic and social progress No longer play such an important responsibility of individuals alone and by relying solely on the limited resources of their essentially commercial enterprises and institutions of higher and higher degrees of different organizations are responsible for.
Company naji giahe najiyan 1391 with the establishment and operation of distillates production line and all herbal products with the desire to grow and provide more quality with their products that achieved with effort and hard work on this important principle and the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Mr. doctor Mahmoud hojjati and launched the opening of this unit.
Conditions :
Company naji giah najian has a committed staff and laboratory and research in the field of quality management and production a high level of health hopes people take an effective step.
After a short time the company succeeded in obtaining international certification, iso 17025, 22000,18001,14001,9001 and IMS and HSE-MS-HACCP and Green labd and was COC and solvents.

number of visits : 2156
Date of Registration : 1396-12-10
Expiration date : 1401-12-13

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