Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations



1 - Members shall not put their confidential information on the website, if so industry and business database won’t hold responsibility for misusing of the information.

2 - The responsibility of all the information which is put in the website is held on member who has put it.

3 - Members are not allowed to Disseminate of confidential information to the country and other entities, as well as immoral and illegal content on this site.

4 - Using the words or pictures against Islamic and moral values ​​ is forbidden in this site.

5 - using unethical material or desecrating the religious and cultural sanctities is not allowed in this website.

6 - Suggesting or encouraging any illegal activity on the part of the members is prohibited.

7 - Any political or controversial discussion and insulation to the heads of the country is prohibited in this website.

8 - Maysa industry and business database can cancel the subscription of any real or legal entity who breaks the rules of the website.

9 - All software contents and innovations and site designs are belonging to Maysa industry and business database.