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about us

The importance of advertising database in marketing

We all know about the importance of professional database in marketing, general database in marketing means the quick and direct access of all the actual and potential customers that need your products or services; those that if know about your products or services will return to you certainly.

A company for continuation of its economic cycle needs the sales cycle and familiarity with costumers’ need. And to the extent that this sales cycle is going to continue, to that extent the company can expand its business.

Being in need to be informed in different field including manufacturing, trade and service segment prompted us to design website in both Persian and English languages commonly named “Iran Business and Industries Database” that besides advertising and promoting economic and industrial capabilities in all provinces of the country; by creating communication and interaction, we tried to glorify the economy activists’ businesses of our country among the affecting factors in international trade.

Internet and internet advertisements

Internet and internet advertisements are a new space for advertising that need professional knowledge both in technical and advertisement field. Success in this new world needs experience also. Most activist in internet advertisement field were not successful and they couldn’t attract their costumers as they should. So this complex world like other scientific fields, needs profession and experience.

The advantages of internet advertisements:

1) Using online methods, you can show your ads to a wider audience.

2) Web advertisment, compared to traditional methods, is more affordable and you can attract more customers to your advertisements by paying moderate sum of money.

3) Thorough online advertisement, you can show your products and services to the related group of your business.