Hamgam Khodro Asia

Hamgam Khodro Asia

Subject: Manufacture company for pressing and assembling parts of the car in Iran and also designing and die making for pressing parts.

Province: Isfahan

Address: Sanatgar st., Alovijeh industrial zone, Isfahan - IRAN

Phone: 031 - 42 41 36 00 - 08 ، 031 - 42 41 36 11

Fax: 031 - 42 41 32 96

More Information: Hamgam Khodro Asia is one of the greatest & equipped manufacture company for pressing & assembling parts of the car in Iran and also designing & die making for pressing parts.
This company established in 2003 and operated in 2004. Hamgam khodro manufacture is include 3 factory in plant of 160,000 m2 & located in Isfahan Alavijeh industrial zone (40 Km from Isfahan).
This company is one of the 5 top companies that have been succeed to cooperate with Peugeot and Renault car making companies. Productions of this company are over 32 million pressing parts and also annual financial turnover is 30.000.000 Dollar.
Our greatest customers in Iran are Iran khodro Co. for all kind of Peugeot models & Saipa Co. for all kind of Renault models of car.
67% of Hamgam Khodro property has been devoted to charity and the profit of this company goes to charity till 2031.
The first factory have 60 hydraulic & eccentric Press machine in 250 to 1250 ton capacity & 7 assembly line that located in 18,000 m2 and also production of pressing parts in different mold size such as G2,G3,G4,G5 above 15,000 ton pressing parts in year.
These pressing parts are as bellow:
- 62 pressing Parts of Peugeot 206 for Sapco Co. in mold size (G3,G4,G5)
- 38 pressing Parts of Peugeot 405 for Sapco Co. in mold size (G2,G3,G4)
- 9 pressing Parts of Peugeot Rana for Sapco Co. in mold size (G3,G4)
-18 assembling parts of Peugeot 405, 206 for Sapco Co.

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Date of Registration : 1396-01-07
Expiration date : 1401-03-02

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