Subject: Providing various goods such as digital products, home appliances, personal, cultural, art and sports and entertainment

Province: Tehran

Address: Digikala Building ,No. 42, Attar Sq., Attar St., Above the Vanak Sq., Vali Asr Ave., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 61 93 00 00

Fax: 021 - 61 93 00 00

More Information: Digikala, the largest online store in the country, now on the eve of its tenth year of operation, with a wide range of goods for all segments of society and all age groups, evokes for its users "a pleasant experience of an online shopping". "Fast delivery", "Best price guarantee" and "Guarantee of the originality of the goods" are the three basic principles that Digikala has tried to adhere to from the first day of its establishment, and by observing these three principles, every year, new areas in the sale of goods and services , Has added to its scope of activity. A wide range of digital goods (mobile phones, tablets and bookstores, laptops, computers and accessories, cameras, audio and video, office machines and digital goods accessories), home appliances (electrical appliances, kitchens, catering, decorative, sleeping and Baths, laundry and cleaning tools), beauty and health (perfume, cosmetics, toiletries, personal appliances, watches, jewelry, health tools), culture and art (books and magazines, stationery, handicrafts, musical instruments, music , Movies, software and games and educational content) and sports and entertainment (sports equipment, toys, travel equipment and sports shoes); From various, numerous and world-famous brands such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, HP, Canon, Bosch, Nike, Adidas and Niva Digikala, a decade after starting operations, with distribution centers in Tehran province, the possibility of delivering goods as Free (for purchases over one hundred thousand tomans) on the same day of order registration.

number of visits : 4463
Date of Registration : 1395-04-08
Expiration date : 1403-06-12

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استخرهای غرب تهران
1397-01-29 14:45:09
very good
morteza shirazi
1397-10-29 08:53:03
شرکت پترو پلیمر تولید کننده انواع نایلون های پلی اتیلن (نایلون شیرینک )opp cpp ،و لفاف های بسته بندی ،و انواع چاپ (هلیو و فلکسو ) در 8 رنگ ، و دوخت ولمینت ...و تمامی خدمات پیش از چاپ و پس از چاپ با بهترین کیفیت ....... تلفن تماس :88705105 -09111863173 شیرازی (فروش )
1398-11-26 10:24:40
Easy and safe shopping
روح اله شعبانی
1402-03-21 13:21:52
شرکت آیرال تولید کننده انواع صنایع دستی اصفهان و مینا کاری روی مس آماده همکاری بصورت عمده با شما می‌باشد روح اله شعبانی 09135672300