Persian Productive Group

Persian Productive Group

Subject: Producer of façade finish

Province: Isfahan

Address: Persian Production Group, Third Substation, Fifth Avenue, Ashtarjan Industrial Estate, Esfahan - IRAN

Phone: 031 - 37 60 95 11 ، 031 - 37 60 95 12

Mobile: 0913 - 500 79 79 ، 0913 - 500 64 64 ، 0913 - 500 61 61

More Information: The Persian Productive Group, for the support of its experience and validity in the industry of interior decoration as the best producer of façade finish in Iran, has always been considered a popular and well known brand. Therefore, in line with the same sense of commitment, we decided to, along with specialty and experience, take the present-day technology of the world at our service and take a step beyond producing a product and present a new style in the building industry. An industry which today, more than any other time, has become the subject of designers’ and its performers’ perfectionist ideas and is pregnant with a brand-new style.
Estonit, derived from stone, implying both stone and marmarit (a type of shiny and glossy stone) has an old record in Iranian architectural history. Use of a type of marble and mirror-shaped on the walls of Tachar palace in Persepolis shows the interest of Iranians in the grandeur and luxury of stone. The mission of Estonit is to return the same grandeur and grace to Iranian homes.

number of visits : 528
Date of Registration : 1397-02-01
Expiration date : 1402-02-24

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