Subject: Manufacture of machinery and equipment for steel industry, manufacturer of induction furnaces and continuous casting machines CCM

Province: East Azerbaijan

Address: Industrial Township of Advanced Technology, Tabriz - IRAN

Phone: 041 - 34 78 14 94 ، 041 - 34 44 30 30

Fax: 041 - 34 78 14 94

More Information: On the basis of 20 years of experience in casting & steel industries it’s activity started in 1390, it’s factory was operated in Tabriz advanced technologies Industrial estate in 1392; this complex was established with the purpose of self sufficiency and localization of machinery and equipment manufacture and production for the steel industriers of our country. it’s management & employees have promised to achieve it’s goals by relying on god’s power. and have take valuable steps so for purposes of this’s company are divided into two groups; machine manufacturing and advanced refractories.
in the machine manufacturing department; this company manufactures all kinds of ramming machines for induction furnaces (from 1 ton to 35 tons capacity) ; ramming machinery of electric arc furnace ‘ pushout linning system of intuiting furnaces, automatic sintering of refractories linning.
Automatic sintering of refractories linning for induction furnaces. all types of horizontal and vertical preheat burners for melt carrying ladles and tundish preheat burners. and as well there are all types of melt carrying ladles in different capacitances. in the advanced refractories section; this company produces all kinds of tundish zirconia nozzle in grade 96% & 90% and all kinds of sizes and types.Now we are launching production line of slid gate plates and lower and upper ladle nozzle that will achieve this main goal asp.
This company has found a privileged position in the steel industry of Islamic Iran with slogan of quality and customer focused and trusting in god with efforts of it’s experts and relying on the trust of it’s customers and is determined to take greater steps towards achieving it’s great goals.

number of visits : 877
Date of Registration : 1397-06-02
Expiration date : 1403-06-19

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1402-09-05 09:46:56
با سلام . پالت سازی مختاری آماده تحویل پالت چوبی،جعبه چوب روسی،صندوق قطعات صنعتی ، هبلکس و تراورس چوبی ریل راه آهن می باشد . 09134041081