Paxan Co.

Paxan Co.

Subject: Manufacturer of variety of hygienic and industrial detergent products.

Province: Tehran

Address: 8 km of Fath Highway (Karaj old road),Tehran,IRAN

Phone: 021 - 64 56 25 25 ، 021 - 64 56 26 03

More Information: Has over 50 years’ experience in the export sector. It employs expert forces and up to date equipment and machinery, while its highly credible international brands have always manufactured the highest quality hygienic and detergent products for the supply of neighboring countries. The hygienic and detergent products of Paxan Co. include such categories as hand wash detergent powders, automatic detergent powders, scouring powders, detergent bars, laundry soaps, beauty soaps, dishwashing gels, dishwashing liquids, fabric softener, glass cleaner and other detergent liquids, toothpastes, shampoos and hand washing liquids. Its credible and well-known Barf, Push, Pride, Rakhsha, Shabnam, Golnar, Nassim, Siv, Orchid and Sarda brands are exported to several countries and enjoy special popularity.
Paxan Co. has extended exports of industrial products and raw materials to countries in the Caucasus zone, CIS countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria and African countries and the Persian Gulf zone. Meanwhile, its extended export of such industrial products and raw materials as SLES, LABS, glycerin, drying oil, drilling foam and Comperlan have had an effective role in the initiation and inflorescence of industries in target countries

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