Aria Sanat Masoumi Co.

Aria Sanat Masoumi Co.

Subject: Manufacturer of home and semi-industrial water purifiers

Province: Qom

Address: Aria Sanat Maoumi CO,LTD . No. 263, North of Taqi St., Modarres St., Imam St., Qom - IRAN

Phone: 025 - 31 31 ، 025 - 36 67 48 00 - 9

More Information: The product & commercial’s masoumi group private corporation with the aim of providing the ability of consumption of pure and healthy water for the lief Iranian and with belives on the mystery of higher quality,more satisfaction, was institute.The private corporation masoumi group is the most strenuous and the most experimenting corporationin the context of parceling and distributioning of house hold and industrial water refine machines. consumption of pure water and having a good after sell quaranty is a certain right for the lief Iranian is purpose of this comprotion.
We belive that in such a world with more pollution, the need for healthy and pure water will have value of attain. for this private corporation will have represent its attendances below:
. Distribution of all kind of home hold and industrial refine systems in great amount(pure water)
. Distribution of all kind of home water purification elements
. Distribution of all kind of industrial water purification elements
. Distribution of all kind of home & industrial water purification filter

number of visits : 80
Date of Registration : 1399-02-03
Expiration date : 1401-02-02

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