Sadernama Company

Sadernama Company

Subject: Importing the best European brands in the field of cabinet and wardrobe fittings

Province: Tehran

Address: Seventh floor, Zomorrod Building, No.61, Corner of Miremad, Shahid Beheshti Ave., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 51 95 18 - 22

Fax: 021 - 88 74 10 45

More Information: In the modern world, the importance of equipment in the wood industry has increased due to its use and ease of access in all aspects of life, and for this purpose we came together to create a brand called Fantoni, to offer new services. In this regard, with the help of domestic and foreign designers and manufacturers, we have started to prepare a comprehensive basket of goods for residential, office and commercial uses. With the increasing efforts of Fantoni family members, we have now achieved one of the goals by diversifying more than a thousand products in the product basket.
High quality Fantoni products (with unconditional 5-year warranty) with green cover can be provided throughout Iran with the help of official representatives.
Products :
- Hinges, rails, air unit mechanism, basket equipment for corner ground units
- Basket equipment for kitchen standing unit, basket equipment for air unit, cabinet top equipment, bedroom equipment, bedroom cupboard equipment, comedy door mechanism section, profile handle section, office unit accessories - comedy and cabinet, lighting And electrical appliances, cutlery trays, kitchen sinks, multi-purpose bins, inter-cabinet equipment

number of visits : 489
Date of Registration : 1399-02-27
Expiration date : 1404-02-27

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