OLKA Industrial Group

OLKA Industrial Group

Subject: Production of industrial and workshop suction devices

Province: Tehran

Address: No.41, Corner of Sanayee Blvd., 15th St., Chahardangeh Industrial Town, Ayatollah Saeedi Highway, Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 55 28 94 06

Mobile: 0912 - 171 30 68 ، 0919 - 140 88 38

More Information: Olka Industrial Group with more than 20 years of experience in wood-related industries, due to the need of colleagues in the production units of wood industries to enter the field of production of industrial suction devices and workshops, as well as providing solutions and implementation to the largest factories Wood has laid the country.
Olka Industrial Group uses the latest technology and methods in the world to manufacture its devices. Over the years, the quality of our production equipment has led to our cooperation with the largest companies in the wood industry, tea industry, rice industry and other industries that require special suction and blowing systems.
Olka Industrial Group is the only supplier of accessories for various types of industrial vacuum cleaners, including vacuum cleaner bag clamps, various types of suits and vacuum cleaner bags and spare impellers in Iran.
Olka / 'olkā / in the beautiful Turkish language means land, country and borderland.
Products :
- Industrial vacuum cleaner: workshop vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners
- Suction accessories: filter and suction bag, suction impeller, suction bag clamp, hose, blast gate and air distribution terminal

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Date of Registration : 1399-03-02
Expiration date : 1401-03-01

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