Isfahan Kamiun Co.

Isfahan Kamiun Co.

Subject: Production and distribution of all accessories and parts of heavy vehicles, including Volvo and Benz

Province: Isfahan

Address: in front of Sepah Bank, Amir Kabir St., Isfahan - IRAN

Phone: 031 - 33 86 95 20 - 21 ، 031 - 33 86 95 17

Mobile: 0913 - 368 70 05

More Information: Isfahan Kamiun Company with more than half a century of experience in the field of production and distribution of all accessories and parts of heavy vehicles, including Volvo and Benz in Isfahan, using the latest technology and computer machines (CNC) and experienced staff, has been able to produce Assurance for sale for domestic and foreign customers. At present, the company is determined to increase the production and diversification of products with new packaging so that the name of Isfahan Truck is still one of the best in the field of spare parts for heavy vehicles. Isfahan Truck (IS-K) products are a well-known name not only in Iran but also in all the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, India and Pakistan, which we all know from God's grace.
Products :
- 14P BPW wheel blades, 20-inch Calabres wheel blades, BPW 12T wheel blades, BPW 16T wheel blades, Volvo Spider (Vascazini) front wheel blades, 9-spoke rear wheel blades - Non-split, 9-spoke rear wheel blades - Split, Benz Spider (Mani) front wheel blades, Ten-ton rear-wheel drive vanes, Mylar rear wheel blade without slit, Benz 9-spoke rear wheel - Split, Mylar rear wheel vanes, Volvo (Parasitic) rear wheel blades, Blade 68 front wheel, Volvo Gray front wheel blade, Volvo FH rear wheel bowl, Benz 68 model front wheel bowl, Golden ball rear wheel bowl, 1924 Benz front wheel bowl, Benz 2628 front wheel bowl, Benz Myler cast iron exhaust - one piece, Cast iron Benz Myler two-piece cast iron - large piece, cast iron Benz 911 exhaust, cast iron Benz exhaust, 302 bus water pump, east water pump (minibus), full ten ton water pump, Volvo water pump, full 88 air pump, Benz air pump interface 10 ton, ten ton Benz mile and mile, Cup 12 14 16, cast iron Benz Myler two-piece exhaust - small piece, parasitic ball rear wheel bowl, benz water pipe, short benz water pipe, BPW 9T brake disc, brake disc-BPW , Front wheel bite, rear wheel bite though

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Date of Registration : 1399-05-16
Expiration date : 1402-05-16

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