Narbon Company

Narbon Company

Subject: Producing chemical materials, with foundation of acid - Procurement of equipment, Producing and procurement of drilling fluid and cement additives in Oil and Gas industries

Province: Tehran

Address: Unit 408 ,Gol Building ,Gol Dd End, Vali-e-Asr St.,Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 101 101 - 2 ، 021 - 88 19 32 38

Fax: 021 - 88 19 35 11

More Information: Narbon Company commenced its business in producing chemical materials, with foundation of acid unit, in 1959.
In the direction toward quality improvement, customers satisfaction and being competitive in the market, Narbon prioritized research and innovation and has increased the variety of the products by developing the factories , to more than 50 items (chemical materials), eight of them have been produced for the first time in Iran .
Since 1973, Narbon Company has been registered as one of the supplier resources for products in diverse departments in oil ministry. After Islamic Revolution, this cooperation extended so that, 31 items used in oil drilling and exploiting are produced by Narbon’s factories.
DME ( F.W. ) needed in various departments of oil ministry, has been exclusively supplied since 1993, by which, the noticeable foreign exchange frugality has been achieved; Also in 2000, this company was the only producer of the primary and secondary emulsifiers in oil-based mud for National Iranian Oil Company ( NIOC ).
Narbon Company has accomplished all its contracts based on mutual trust and commitment till now, and there is no records of lack or failure in performance in the report card of this company.
In 2003, Narbon Company, as the only private company, received the board of “Creators and Innovators” from honorable oil minister of Iran.

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