Behbood Gostar Sanya

Behbood Gostar Sanya

Subject: Producing of variety of improvers for cake and cookie industry, cake powders and pizza bread powders.

Province: Khorasan, Razavi

Address: No 148B, Talash Shomali 6/2, Talash Shomali Blvd., Phase 1 Toos Industrial Town, Mashhad - IRAN

Phone: 051 - 35 41 26 80 ، 051 - 35 41 26 82

Mobile: 0915 - 029 96 00 ، 0915 - 305 91 66

More Information: Elyas Saniya Co., produsing cake liquid improver, was established in 2010. The feature of this compound was increase in softness and shelf life of cake. It is to be noted that at that time, the company could preserve a good place in the market by producing only one product.
The company was developed by producing new products. What was considered in creating new products was to create a competitive advantage for costumers through any new product so that this competitive advantage may result in increase of productivity that is to attain increase of customer’s product quality by preserving the final price.
At the moment, Elyas Saniya Co., by producing more than 30 compounds, i.e. different industrial cakes, pizza bread, fermentative doughnuts, confectionary cream, sangak bread, oat bread, confectionary cake powders, mould release oils and industrial cake powder has taken an effective step in the direction of the market development.
The goal of Elyas Saniya Co. up to March 2018 is to achieve the first place of competitive advantage for its costumers.
Products :
- Italian pizza powder, Confectionary Creamy Powder, Gel Cookie, Liquid Separating Oil, Double Fresh Water-Activity Reducer, Cake Softener, Pizza bread powder, Vanilla Cake Powder, Soufflé cake powder, Concentrated Separator Oil, Chocolate Cake Powder

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Date of Registration : 1399-09-29
Expiration date : 1401-09-28

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