TeiphSaipaPaint Co.

TeiphSaipaPaint Co.

Subject: Producing different types of car paints, industrial paints, coatings, and industrial sea paints (for undersea constructions)

Province: Tehran

Address: TeiphSaipaPaint and Resin Co., Karaj main road 14th Kilometer (ShahidLashkari), Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 44 19 50 51 - 54

Fax: 021 - 44 19 67 35

More Information: TeiphSaipaPaint and Resin Co. founded as Dirop Iran under the license of Dirop Denmark in 1346 (1967). This Co. has 50-year experience in producing different types of car paints, industrial paints, coatings, and industrial sea paints (for undersea constructions). This Co. uses the most developed technologies all along the world and it works as a subunit of Saipa car Co. this company is the pioneer exclusive agent ofPPG, Italy in Iran producing ED and various types of automotivewater-based paint and putty and has succeeded to localize the water-based paint technology by using scientific knowledge.
TeiphSaipaCo. is one of the first companies received ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009, and ISO/TS 16949: 2009.
We proudly provide all needs in chemical materials, automobile paint and coating, industrial, and construction paintings.
Products :
- Decorative paints : Oil Paint, Acrylic water-based paints, Alkyd rustproof primer, Pool paint, Plastic and semi-plastic paints, Alkyd lacquer
- Industrial products : Epoxy coatings, traffic paints, Stovingenamle paints, Air-driedpaints, Silicone and heat resistant paints, Polyurethane coatings, Paint Cleaner, WashPrimer
- Car products : The degreasing and phosphate substances PT (Pretreatment), Electrode position primer (ED), Insulation under the frame and sealant sealer, Base coat paints, Clear Coat, Auto refinish and polymer parts coatings, Thinner, Anti-freezing liquid, Glass washing liquid

number of visits : 25
Date of Registration : 1399-10-27
Expiration date : 1400-10-26

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