Palayesh-e-Hesar Mehran

Palayesh-e-Hesar Mehran

Subject: Manufacturer of industrial and construction bitumen and road construction

Province: Tehran

Address: No. 20, san’at 18th (south 9th), Emam Hosein blvd., Qom Old Road, Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 56 54 43 25 ، 021 - 87 70 00 99

Fax: 021 - 56 54 43 26 ، 021 - 88 07 52 68

Whatsapp - Telegram - Instagram: ، @hesarmehran

More Information: Palayesh-e-Hesar Mehran company has been registered in 1984 with the registration number 93060 by official license from Iran Industries and Mines Organization. It is located around a region named Shahr-e-Rey in Tehran in an area over the 30000 square meters. At the beginning the company started to produce various grades of bitumen with high quality and standard with capacity of 4000 ton (MT) per month. Then After many years of its successful activity, due to Bitumen export market boom and consumption growth, the managers developed the company by using the latest bitumen production technology, and they increased daily capacity of production more than 1000 ton (MT) by using the continuous system. Simultaneously, the Company also has the batch system, so that it provides customer needs to various grades of bitumen with any kind of analysis.
Now the company is proud to be the holder of Iran’s National Standard sign, certification of quality management system ISO9001:2015, license of Europe Standard (CE), certificate of commitment to quality from UK Academy and TUV International credentials.
The modern laboratory has been established in the factory for the purpose of controlling quality of production and succeeded to receive quality certificate license 17025.
Being close to Tehran Oil Refinery is another privilege of this company. Now this company has the honor to be the best equipped bitumen producer in Tehran; owing to producing various grades of standard, road construction bitumen including 60/70 , 85/100 , 40/50 , 110/10 emulsion bitumen, performance grades (PG), also polymer modified bitumen and enamel bitumen.

number of visits : 360
Date of Registration : 1400-03-15
Expiration date : 1404-03-16

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