Azarpajouhan Andish Co.

Azarpajouhan Andish Co.

Subject: Design and construction of gas pressure measuring and reducing station - Design and construction of pressure vessels and gas heaters

Province: Tehran

Address: Unit 8 and 11, No.15, Fifth St., Vozara St., Shahid Beheshti St., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 70 25 20 ، 021 - 88 70 34 13

More Information: Azarpajouhan Andish Engineering Company, as one of the pioneers in the field of design and construction of gas pressure measuring and reducing stations in Iran, is the first private company active in the field of EPC projects in this part of the industry, which has extensive experience and importance in reducing stations. The pressure of power plants and industrial complexes has distinguished this company from other companies operating in this sector.
Azarpajouhan Andish Engineering Company, since its establishment in 1999, was recognized as a private company active in the field of design, supply and construction of gas supply networks and fuel systems of residential and industrial complexes, and at the same time handed over the construction of gas pressure reducing stations from NIGC complex. To private companies (in 2001) focusing on this part of the gas industry continued to operate.
Since 2005 and with the construction of 300,000 cubic meters of pressure reduction station of Fars power plant, Azarpajouhan Andish Engineering Company continued to work as the flagship of Iranian private companies in the field of industrial pressure reduction stations and today with the help of senior managers, the efforts of young experts Relying on the motivation of its expert forces as the most well-known and active EPC company of industrial gas stations in the country, it is still proud to serve in the field of national self-sufficiency and promotion of Iran Zamin.
Azarpajouhan Engineering Company claims with accurate knowledge of different requirements and needs of power supply and fuel systems of steel, petrochemical and production industries and with experience in designing and building more than 20 power stations, all control stations of petrochemical industry and power supply of steel and pelletizing industries. That the indigenous knowledge and national efforts of the youth of this land in achieving the lofty goals of the country and the future perspective of this border and environment have flowed.
Azarpjohan Andish Engineering Company, by expanding the boundaries of its activity, today serves not only in Iran but also in other countries in the region and the EPC project of gas pressure reduction station of Ramileh Basra power plant (with a capacity of 400,000 cubic meters per hour) relying on Engineering power, quality products of domestic manufacturers were built and installed in the initial planned period and will become one of the symbols of quality and growth of Iranian industry abroad.
The activities of this company are focused on the following areas:
- Active in the field of EPC stations for measuring and reducing urban and industrial pressure
- Active in the field of EPC oil, gas and petrochemical transmission and supply lines
- Active in the field of EPC control systems and monitoring of gas stations and related industries
- Active in the field of design and construction of pressure vessels and gas heaters

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