Anjoman Saffron

Anjoman Saffron

Subject: Exporter of the best quality saffron to most parts of the world

Province: Tehran

Address: No.2, Aseman 6 St., after Ketab Square, Farahzad Blvd., Sharak-e-Gharb, Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 22 08 13 25

More Information: Anjoman Saffron is an exporter of saffron with the highest quality to most parts of the world. This company collects saffron directly from farms and then transports it to the warehouse hygienically, and after performing physical, chemical and microbial tests, saffron is packaged and exported to the market.
Stages of saffron production:
- In the saffron production stage, first the best types of saffron fields are provided directly from farmers through purchasing offices in saffron cultivation areas.
- Then the prepared saffron was sent to the Saffron Company. In this company, saffron is separated based on appearance characteristics, and transferred to a quarantine warehouse.
- Then the sent saffron is sampled for initial tests and physical, chemical and microbial tests are performed.
- In the next step, tests and separation of all impurities are performed and approved saffron is done.
- Then saffron is packaged in production halls under the supervision of the quality control group based on customers' orders.
- Then, several samples of the final export product are tested and the approved products are transferred to the main warehouse in the final tests and examinations, and in the last stage, the export of Iranian saffron takes place.

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