Tajhiz Abzar Nivad

Tajhiz Abzar Nivad

Subject: Supplier of instrumentation, measurement and testing - hand tools and electronics - Soldering tools

Province: Tehran

Address: No.71, Shojaei Alley, Hassan Abad Sq., Imam Khomeini St., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 66 70 06 71 ، 021 - 66 70 05 77

Whatsapp - Telegram - Instagram: 0912 - 219 17 72 - Telegram : @nivadtools - Instagram : nivad_tool_preparation

Mobile: 0912 - 219 17 72

More Information: Tajhiz Abzar Nivad Company is active in the field of electronic tools and equipment and with a brilliant history and employing specialized and experienced personnel, is one of the reputable centers in this field that meets the needs of various industries by providing reputable brands.
field of activity :
1) Instrumentation, measurement and testing
- Electrical and electronic equipment: multimeter and ammeter, earth meter and meter, network tester
- Temperature and humidity: contact thermometer, non-contact thermometer, fluke thermometer, laser thermometer, ambient thermometer and hygrometer, humidity and heat data logger, wood hygrometer, bluetooth hygrometer, mast thermocouple calibrator
- Physics and Mechanics: Vibration Gauge, Anemometer, Tire Anemometer, Sandwich Laser Level, Mast Contact Mechanical Detector, Mast Laser Optical Detector, Bluetooth Acoustic Meter, Color Coating Thickness Meter, Laser Detector, Bluetooth Luxury Meter, Digital Lux Meter, Laser meter
- Chemistry Lab: Carbon Dioxide Meter, Mast Gas Leak Detector
2) Hand tools and electronics:
- Pressing tools: Prosquit press wrench, telephone and network socket wrench, network female socket wrench, manual cable washing tool, open back wire pressing tool, hydraulic cable washing tool, wire washing tool, cruise shears
- Cable and wire stripper cutting tool: crow wire stripper, fiber optic stripper wrench, cable shear tool, cable cutter tool, wire stripper pliers, crimp wire, cable shear scissors, cable stripper
- Pliers and screwdriver, tool bag, coated meter, inspection mirror, telescopic mirror, plastic clamp clamp, steel belt clamp, blower blower, magnet level, goldsmith razor set, industrial hair dryer
3) Soldering iron and tools:
- Heater and heater, tin heater, pliers, IC heater, heater tip cleaner, heater base

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Date of Registration : 1400-09-05
Expiration date : 1403-09-06

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