Sout Machine Co.

Sout Machine Co.

Subject: Design and manufacture of machinery for food, pharmaceutical and health industries

Province: Tehran

Address: Unit 31, 8th Floor, East Entrance, No. 226, Arian Tower, Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 22 25 62 57 ، 045 - 33 64 62 66

Fax: 045 - 33 64 62 67

More Information: As a university student in the field of Mechanics, Mr. Abdolhossein Mohammadzadeh began his business activity in 1987 within industrial domain, specifically on machinery design and manufacture, and installation and start-up of food and drugs industrial plants with an increasing advancement, mainly relying on his previous studies, personal experiences and concern.
He established the first dairy products industrial-production plant in north-west of Iran, Ardabil province, soon registered as the epitome of cooperative companies in the country after putting into operation.
Simultaneously with production of a variety of dairy products, Mohammadzadeh industrial group started a number of industrial and research programs in a separate workshop located at phase 1, Ardabil Industrial Town, later registered as Sout Machine Industrial-Production Company in 1994 due to customers’ favorable welcoming toward its all industrial products and hence, increasing demand.
The company title “Sout Machine” was adapted because ‘milk’ and ‘dairy products’ basically formed initial activities of the company, combined by two words: “Suit” meaning ‘milk’ in Azeri language that symbolizes health, life, a heavenly product and divine gift, accompanied with ‘machine’ which is the sign of technical and industrial activity of the company.
"SMC", an abbreviation form of "Sout Machine Co.", and its logo has been registered with certificate NO. 62332/2011 in Switzerland as the company's international brand.
The company business scope of activity proved to be highly successful during the past 20 years and included a number of valuable qualitative and quantitative achievements. Therefore, besides fulfilling hundreds of projects inside the country, it highly collaborated with the country industrial export expansion plan, as a result of which the company has been introduced as one of the most successful exporters of technical engineering services and food industry machinery since 2004. The company has also developed its trade activities further from Asia to South and Central America.
Presently, Sout Machine enjoys an industrial site of 20,000 m2 for production purposes, fully equipped with modern machine tools as well as professional manpower and specialists, production operational engineering and procurement sections, business offices, research and technology sections, quality control unit and many modernized industrial laboratories.

number of visits : 691
Date of Registration : 1400-11-01
Expiration date : 1403-11-07

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