KarToos Dynamic Co.

KarToos Dynamic Co.

Subject: Production of quality machinery for the food, dairy, mineral water, beverage, sanitary, detergent and chemical industries

Province: Khorasan, Razavi

Address: No. 702, 15 Andisheh St., Phase 2, Toos Industrial Town, Mashhad - IRAN

Phone: 051 - 35 41 18 61 - 62

Fax: 051 - 35 41 35 82

More Information: KarToos Dynamic Engineering and Technical Complex started its activity in 2000 in the field of production of parts for food industry machines. After that, and from the beginning of 1984, a machine design group was added to this collection, and at the same time, work began on the construction of machines.
During these years, Dynamic Cartus Company, by using specialized and technical forces while producing quality machines for food, dairy, mineral water, beverage, sanitary, detergents and chemical industries, as a first-class producer in the field of activity. Has stabilized.
Introduction as a quality unit and continuous operation of the company's machines in all parts of Iran and with different climatic conditions and different production characteristics are the honors of Toos Kar Dynamics.
Designing and manufacturing new machines, adding to services, as well as expanding the export market of the company's machines, along with increasing the possibility of entrepreneurship for specialized personnel, are among our goals for the years 1995 and 1996.
Products :
- Bottle and glass label maker, large size label maker, can label maker, row machine, ground conveyor, air conveyor

number of visits : 202
Date of Registration : 1400-11-03
Expiration date : 1402-11-06

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