Pump Tehran Industry

Pump Tehran Industry

Subject: Manufacturer of the safest spa circulator pump and water pump

Province: Tehran

Address: No. 133, Taleghani St., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 82 22 99 ، 021 - 88 81 31 53 ، 021 - 77 33 27 00

More Information: With respect to all audiences and consumers of products of Tehran Pump Industries and thanks to all those involved in this production unit who with their tireless efforts have delivered their products with the most successful and best quality in Iran, which was established in 1981. Is.
Congratulations to the Iranian industry community for the fact that for the first time your compatriots in the Tehran pump industry have been able to make all kinds of foreign bell cassette pumps in Iran, our beloved country, 100% with domestic products and proudly abroad. The country has issued.
Tehran pumps with the best efficiency and quality and with the best raw materials in the country (with two years warranty and ten years after-sales service) are available to everyone and is the first company to export circulator pumps abroad.
Products :
- Circulator pump, water supply pump

number of visits : 345
Date of Registration : 1400-11-09
Expiration date : 1403-11-10

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