Imen Tehran Co.

Imen Tehran Co.

Subject: Production of safety helmets, Work gloves, ‌ Workshop and laboratory safety showers and eyewashes - Supply and distribution of specialized personal and industrial safety equipment, ‌ Fire fighting and rescue from reputable European and Asian sources

Province: Tehran

Address: 4th floor, No. 158, in front of Pars Hospital, Keshavarz Boulevard, Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 97 20 16 - 17 ، 021 - 88 96 98 16 ، 021 - 88 96 29 19

Fax: 021 - 88 96 62 79

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More Information: Imen Tehran Company started its activities in the field of production of safety equipment in 1980 under the name of Behkar and started its production as a workshop in relation to all kinds of workers' gloves, safety earphones and dustproof breathing masks. After a short time, according to the need to combine production with Commercial activity, the company was renamed Behkarin and after gaining the necessary experience in this field in order to develop production and commercial activities, the company was renamed Imen Tehran.
At present, this company has dedicated its production activity to the production of various types of safety helmets, workers' gloves, safety showers and laboratory and laboratory washes, and in addition to these activities, up to 300 items of specialized personal and industrial safety equipment, ‌ Struggle Provides and distributes fire and rescue from reputable European and Asian sources.
Products :
- Respiratory safety equipment, fire safety equipment, versatile rescue stretcher, explosion-proof ventilators, explosion-proof flashlights, helmets, chemically resistant clothing, refrigeration clothing, anti-cold and extreme cold clothing, hot water vapor insulation clothing, pre Safety straps, fireproof blankets, ergonomic seat belts, air compressors, safety glasses, goggles, safety earphones, work gloves, emergency shower and eyewash, safety caps, safety knee braces, safety shoes, fishing clothes, flooring Electrical insulation, work safety at height and rescue, heat-resistant and mineral-resistant safety equipment, glass and foundry smelting, laboratory safety equipment - medical diagnosis and pharmacy, water and sewage facility safety equipment, safety equipment for working with Electrical, welding safety equipment, spraying and painting safety equipment

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Date of Registration : 1401-01-09
Expiration date : 1404-01-15

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