Mahan Machine Building

Mahan Machine Building

Subject: Producing and exporting stone processing machines

Province: Isfahan

Address: Anbar Sang alley, 46 Baharestan street, Dolatabad industrial zone, Borkhar city, Isfahan - IRAN

Phone: 031 - 45 83 79 52 ، 031 - 45 83 72 03

Mobile: 0913 - 107 04 13 ، 0912 - 052 60 80

More Information: Stone has long been one of the dormant sources in mines and over time its use has been obvious and has flourished in the present time and has spread around the world and is used as a nascent economy and a strong application in the beauty and coverage of buildings and structures. Importantly, stone machine manufacturers were forced to compete closely with other overseas manufacturers to make this expensive product appear better.
Mahan Machinery is one of the limited manufacturers of stone machinery with more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and production of various types of stone machinery. This factory has an experienced staff of design engineers and technical technicians who have the latest technology And the world's latest technology has succeeded in building devices that compete with its foreign counterparts.
It is worth mentioning that Mahan Machine Manufacturing received ISO 9001 certification from Guay Audit Limited in 2008 and in 2013 received Certificate TUV certification, which makes us more determined and diligent in achieving our goals. In the end, Mahan Machine-Building Factory tries to attract the customer's satisfaction as much as possible by relying on the grace of God Almighty and its expertise, and to come out of this very important matter proud.
Mahan factory started operating in 1996 with the aim of producing and exporting stone processing machines while using modern engineering sciences and knowledge of experienced engineers. Upgrading the quality and quantity standards of products to world standards has succeeded in exporting the products of this machine to most countries in the Middle East and Asia. At present, this machine-building has succeeded in mass production of more than 30 types of devices with world quality in an area of ​​8000 square meters.
Products :
- Saw single connecting rod Super 1000, Sub Orbital 2022, Saab 16 head tiles, Sub 20 granite head, Judgment on 6-blade slabs, Pre-slab 12-10, Peaks on the multi-disk, Saab 16-18 slab heads, Stubborn device, Caliber and pre-Saab 6 + 3, A sentence on the tile, UV device, Gate milling machine, Kufr machine on four bases, Rapid device, Finger device, Tile slab resin line, Electric table, Wagon rail table, Polishing machine

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