Maleki Machine Mfg.

Maleki Machine Mfg.

Subject: Design, manufacture and commissioning of fencing machines including advanced manual fencing machine, semi-automatic fencing machine, automatic fencing machine

Province: Isfahan

Address: No. 54, Phase Two, Dr. Hesabi St. (No. 20), Dolatabad Industrial Zone, Isfahan - IRAN

Mobile: 0913 - 684 75 90 ، 0935 - 791 03 70 ، 0921 - 537 71 89

More Information: Saeed Maleki Machine-Manufacturing Company initially started to make manual fencing machine to meet personal needs and based on its experience and knowledge, and by achieving the first success in making fencing machine without using the experts of other companies, this ability Discovered in himself and appeared on the scene. Gradually, with the increase of personal skills and academic knowledge, he started to improve the quantity and quality of manual fencing machines and turn them into advanced and super-advanced, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, which motivated this group to motivate every day Increase your efforts to achieve more success. Now, Saeed Maleki Machine-Building Group, with the help of God Almighty and relying on its many years of knowledge and experience, is trying to open the way for young people interested in this industry by helping entrepreneurship and creating employment, and by attracting students and experienced experts. And the scientist to increase the quality and quantity of production of fencing machines.
Saeed Maleki Machine-Building Company considers it necessary to increase the domestic market share and also increase the production capacity and capacity, by entering the foreign market of this industry, to open the way for exporting fencing machines to neighboring countries, including Iraq, and by competing. With foreign rival companies and exporting fencing machines, not only to prevent the import of foreign machines, but also to take a small step in foreign exchange to help the economy of our beloved country Iran and increase GDP.
Products :
- Advanced manual fencing machine, semi-automatic fencing machine, automatic fencing machine

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Date of Registration : 1401-01-16
Expiration date : 1404-01-16

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