Aytay Co.

Aytay Co.

Subject: Production of the fourth generation of thermal, moisture and cooling foam insulation (XPS)

Province: Alborz

Address: No. 22, in front of Abyek cement factory, Karaj Qazvin old road, Nazarabad - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 44 92 89 08 ، 021 - 44 92 96 16 ، 021 - 44 92 90 54

More Information: The company started operating in 2006 in the production of thermal insulation under the brand name “Aytay”. The main activity of this company was the production of Plastofoam. With the advent of advanced technologies in the production of new insulators, efficient forces began to produce a new “fumigation” product (XPS).
This product can be used in many industries :
In the construction industry and in the production of 100% insulated walls
In agricultural industries, which are used in modern hydroponic systems
In the poultry and livestock shed instead of using glass wool on the roofs of farms to reduce energy consumption
In road construction to prevent freezing and erosion of the underlying layers
In the wood industry and replace this product
In the shipbuilding industry, floating bridges
Electronics and telecommunications industries
Aviation industry in the form of honeycomb and internal structures of aviation industry
Production of interior decorative products and building facades
Production of various types of sheds, production of sandwich panels

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Date of Registration : 1402-06-15
Expiration date : 1403-07-26

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