Asen Kerkere Co.

Asen Kerkere Co.

Subject: Production of automatic shutters

Province: Tehran

Address: No. 109, West 4th St., Safadasht Industrial Park, Malard, Shahryar - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 65 43 52 30 ، 021 - 65 43 46 55

Fax: 021 - 65 43 52 30 ، 021 - 65 43 46 55

Whatsapp - Telegram - Instagram: 0938 - 201 16 20

More Information: Asen Kerkere Company, after receiving the exploitation license from Tehran Industries and Mines Organization, started its activity in the field of automation and production of automatic steel shutters, specialized and for the first time in Iran.
This company is a leader in the industry of automatic shutters in Iran by using the latest technical knowledge and technology, and by having experienced engineering staff and technical personnel in the production of various types of automatic shutters, has been able to take an effective step towards the beauty of commercial, residential and Creates security and hopes to provide quality products and after-sales service to satisfy you dear customers.
Specifications and advantages of asen shutters:
Very good insulation against heat, cold, noise and dust due to having polyurethane suitable for any weather conditions due to the use of galvanized sheets and colored sheets suitable for stores and parking lots
Products :
- Blades, motors, alarms, appliances, electric curtains

number of visits : 897
Date of Registration : 1396-01-12
Expiration date : 1404-02-07

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