Golchekan Zamani Co.

Golchekan Zamani Co.

Subject: Manufacturer and exporter of rose water, herbal extracts, lemon juice, verjuice, vinegar and syrup

Province: Khorasan, Razavi

Address: No. 310 and 311,Andisheh 8, Phase 2,Toos Industrial Estate, Mashhad, IRAN

Phone: 051 - 35 41 11 20 - 5

Fax: 051 - 35 41 16 94

More Information: The golchekan khorasan(zamani) company is established 1330(1951)started its activity in the field of rose water .herbal disttiles. Lemon juice. Sour grape juice (verjuice).beverage and herbal flavors.
This company .after decades of superior performance in the production industry.
constructedits facrory on a1 hectare fied in toos industrial town in 1380(2001_which started production in 1381 (2002)with a production capacity of more than 50 different types of products. the prpduction of the natural products with the highest quality , product diversity ,customer relations and theconsumers health care , together with fulfilling intenational standards is always one of the main objectives of the senior management , considering guidelines and opinions of the main objectives of the senior management. considering guidelines and opinion of the food supervisio n standard and industries Bureaus Expert .
towarss achieving this goal, the Golchekan zamani company obtained 60 health licenses, 6 promotional national standard Awards, 3 international standard awards Iso 14001-2004 Iso9001-2008,Iso 22000_2005,oHSAS 18001_2007from Allience canada ,
Rand D , FDA, CE certificatation and the halal license for all products . moreover .it is chosen as the premier Quality unit in 1384(2005)by the industrial research and standard Bureau, the premier unit in 1386(2007)by the food and Drug supervision Bureau, and the units Technical officer in 1385(2006)by The industrial research andStandard Bureau and in 1386(2007)by the industrial research and standard Bureau.
Allgolchekan zamani products, besides successful consumption in domestic markets, are exported to European. Arabic . middle Eastern and ..... countries; and due to superior quality , They are among the most popular products in the foreign countries . especially in the European countries . Therefore , The in creasing export of zamani products has played a major role in introducing natural herbal products to the international markets .
golchekan zamani company . with half a century experience , has always benefited from the valuable opinions of its customers and regarded them as of its products, and proudly presents the best quality of the natures extract named ( golchekan zamani herbal productsin order to respond to the trust of its consumers in and out of the country.

number of visits : 1232
Date of Registration : 1395-04-30
Expiration date : 1400-06-09

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