Qom Rubber Ind. Co.

Qom Rubber Ind. Co.

Subject: Recycling Rubber - Manufacturer of Rubber Reclaim, Butyl Reclaim, Rubber powder

Province: Qom

Address: 5 kilometer of kashan road , Qom - IRAN

Phone: 025 - 37 30 31 75 - 77 ، 021 - 22 39 01 06 - 07

Fax: 025 - 37 30 31 58 ، 021 - 22 39 25 70

More Information: Qom Rubber Industries Company (Q.R.I.C) ,which has established in 2001, is among the most recognized manufacturer of reclaimed rubber from used tires in the world The company has been operating with developed machinery which is installed capacity to handle more than 20000 MT ( Rubber Reclaim, Butyl Reclaim, EPDM Reclaim and Rubber Powder ) per annum to meet the needs of the global rubber industry specially Iranian industries and save valuable resources .
- Rubber Reclaim :
WTR Reclaim ( Rubber Reclaim ) is made from end of life tire. WTR Reclaim ( Rubber Reclaim ) is made from end of life tire. The properties of Q.R.I.C Whole tire Reclaim make it particularly suitable for a variety of Natural Rubber products .
- Butyl Reclaim :
Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber, a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Generally it’s called as IIR. It stands for isobutylene isoprene rubber Butyl rubber is impermeable to air and has used in many applications . The first major applications of butyl rubber are inner tubes and Inner Liner.
- Rubber powder :
Rubber powder is another products of Q.R.I.C . Through adding Rubber powder to Thermoplastic such as Polyethylene(PE),Polypropylene (PP) and Poly-Vinil Chloride (Pvc) ,It is possible to produce cheap vulcanized Thermoplastics.

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