Ard Khousheh Fars

Ard Khousheh Fars

Subject: Manufacturer and exporter of flour

Province: Fars

Address: Ard Khousheh Fars, Modares Blvd., Shahid Douran St., Shiraz, IRAN

Phone: 071 - 37 20 22 51 ، 071 - 37 20 01 02

Fax: 071 - 37 20 67 12

More Information: KFF Mills (Khousheh Fars Flour mills - Private Joint Stock) was established in 1972 in an area of 33,000 square meters of land and has officially started the initial production of 80 tons of flour per day in 1975. In order to increase the production capacity, KFF Mills has installed modern and cutting edge machineries and equipment in various stages.The annual production capacity has now reached over 120,000 tons of wheat. Furthermore, with new expansion project took place in 2012 the production capacity reached 220,000 tons annually. KFF Mills has the capacity of storing of 120,000 tons of wheat in its mechanized storage system with automatic feeding to the mill .
KFF Mills with over 100 team players and more than 40 years of experience in flour milling and producing varieties of products has gained a special place among flour users. We have always strived to maintain quality and customers' satisfaction. In order to keep the quality high, we use both domestic and international wheat, including, Australian, Kazakh and US in our products. KFF Mills market's share is increasing on a daily basis, our products are sold in 24 provinces of the country.
Notably, KFF Mills was the first exporter of wheat and flour to the following countries; Iraq, India, Tanzania, UAE, Kuwait and Oman.
Products :
- Semolina Flour , Pasta Flour , Pastry & Cake Flour
- Nugget Flour , Rusk Flour , Kentucky Flour , French Style Bread Flour
- Gluten & Starch Flour, Danish pastry Flour , Pizza Flour
- Home - Used Flour , Traditional Based Products Flour

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Date of Registration : 1396-02-24
Expiration date : 1400-02-31

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