Khavar Parts Product

Khavar Parts Product

Subject: Manufacturing all types of drive shafts and other parts needed for the car manufacturing and other related industries

Province: Khorasan, Razavi

Address: 4Th Km Qochan Rd., Mashhad , IRAN

Phone: 051 - 36 65 27 51 - 52

Fax: 051 - 36 65 27 50

More Information: Khavar Parts Product Company has been exploited in 1st half of the year 1996 with the aim of manufacturing all types of drive shafts and other parts needed for the car manufacturing and other related industries.
All the shares of the company belong to Iran Khodro Diesel Industrial Group.
Transferring the assembly drive shafts technology from German SGWB Company, which is one of the largest drive shaft manufacturers, was done in 1997 with the aim of achieving the acceptable international standards, and then manufacturing and installing most of the machinery and equipments needed for the assembly line were done by the Company's personnel. Then the technology of manufacturing heavy drive shaft parts was transferred from the above-mentioned company in 1999 and all the needed machinery was purchased and installed.
At the present time Khavar Parts Product Company, having the manufacturing lines of car and heavy drive shafts, presents its products and services at the acceptable quality level to the most of the domestic car manufacturers including Iran Khodro, Sapco, Kaveh Khodro, Saipa Diesel, Shahab Khodro companies as well as the other industrial centers which need the heavy drive shafts.
The machine tools line of drive shaft comprises a complex of multi-purposes and specific machinery and equipments as CNC and the complex is enjoys the cutting-edge technology similar to the most modern European technology in some sections.
It is to be noted that in the implementation of the products development policy of the Company the compressed air tanks manufacturing line was started up in 2006 and the mass production policy was put in the Company's agenda from 2007.
Along with the substructures development of the Company, management systems have promoted since 2000 based on the reliable international and domestic standards. Establishing the quality management system based on the latest versions of ISO, TS and ISO 9001 standards and Grade A of Sapco as well, safety and job health system based on OHSAS 18001 standard and environment management system based on ISO 14001 are included in the achievements of the Company's personnel in the said area. Also establishing the organizational target model as a comprehensive strategy for the improvement of management systems are in process and the Company made a success of obtaining the organizational uplift endeavor certificate in 2008.

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