Elegant Semnan Co.

Elegant Semnan Co.

Subject: Manufacturer of curtain fabrics, women's fabrics, Zebra curtains and bedding

Province: Semnan

Address: End of Jomhouri Blvd., Semnan Industrial Town, Semnan - IRAN

Phone: 023 - 33 65 29 07

Fax: 023 - 33 65 29 10

Mobile: 0912 - 676 01 55

More Information: The textile industry in Iran has a long history, and the Iranians are among the first nations to embark on it. The history of this industry in our Islamic homeland is a valuable and valuable treasure containing the efforts and efforts of the great nobles who have played a role in this field. And.
In this regard, Elegant Semnan Partnership Company was also established as a pioneer in this field in 2009 with the participation of foreign investor from Turkey in a land of 103000 square meters located in the industrial city east of Semnan with construction of 250,000 square meters. The silo, including the production and warehouse halls and the office, has begun its operations.
The company aims to boost the textile industry in Iran and produce high quality products and create sustainable employment in the region by utilizing the most advanced technology in the world in adverse economic conditions that has been severely affected by global developments, especially international sanctions. With over 400 indigenous peoples now taking a small step towards achieving the goals of the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, who called this year the year of political and economic epic, it has provided a good platform for sustainable employment in the region. And is also proud to have 30 years of experience In the textile industry, with the constant efforts of the executives and staff, high quality and chic products are produced according to the tastes of our dear compatriots and exported to domestic and foreign markets.

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