Alfa Panjareh Iranian

Alfa Panjareh Iranian

Subject: Exclusive dealer and after-sales service of U-PVC and aluminum door and window machines with brand of kaban in iran

Province: Tehran

Address: Unit 5, 3rd floor, No.73, next to the Melli Bank, opposite the park, Gheitariye Blvd., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 22 68 52 81 - 84

More Information: Kaban Company produces more than 50 types of machines for the door, window and facade industry and exports to 100 countries around the world. Continuous design and development along with the quality of machines support Kaban's reputation among its loyal customers in the door and window industry of more than 100 countries.
Alfa Panjereh Iranian Company with a long history and experience in setting up more than 200 large and small production workshops for PVC and aluminum double-glazed doors and windows as the exclusive sales and after-sales service representative of U-PVC and Aluminum door and window machines (KABAN) In Iran, it serves the efforts of this industry.
- PVC machines: single head cutting machine, single head cutting from above with pneumatic jack, single head cutting from above with manual jack, table cutting with pneumatic jack, table cutting with manual jack, semi-automatic double cutting machine, double cutting Full automatic, double automatic full cutting with servo motor
- Aluminum machines: CNC machine for processing aluminum profiles - 6 clamps, CNC machine for processing aluminum profiles - 12 clamps, single cutting of aluminum profiles, automatic double cutting for aluminum, aluminum cutting - single head from above with pneumatic jack, aluminum cutting Top with manual jack, aluminum cutting - desktop with pneumatic jack, cutting aluminum - desktop with manual jack, copy milling for aluminum, milling machine for middle profile aluminum - manual, group milling for aluminum middle profile, automatic milling machine for middle profile aluminum, machine Aluminum corner press, hydro pneumatic punch for aluminum drilling, desktop hydro pneumatic punching for aluminum drilling, simple assembly table, door and window assembly table, glass door and window assembly table, semi-automatic

number of visits : 820
Date of Registration : 1397-09-06
Expiration date : 1403-09-10

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مرتضی فتاحی
1402-07-21 02:20:53
سلام . دستگاهی ساخته ام که می تواند بجای کنترلرهای 8کلیده یا 10 کلیده بکار آید . اگر بخواهید از کنترلر ایرانی برای دستگاه جوش تکسر و تمیزکن تکسر استفاده کنید ، خوشحال می شوم که با شما همکاری کنم و کنترلری را که ساخته ام به شما عرضه کنم . در ضمن هر نوع کنترلر دیگری هم بخواهید آماده خواهم کرد . تلگرام تلفن : 09124284751