Sina Sanitary Ware Co.

Sina Sanitary Ware Co.

Subject: Production of various types of sanitary vitreous ceramics

Province: Markazi

Address: 9th st., Kaveh Industrial city, Saveh , iRAN

Phone: 086 - 42 34 28 11 ، 021 - 26 41 22 48

Fax: 086 - 42 34 26 35 ، 021 - 26 41 22 57

More Information: SINA SANITARY WARE Co. is established in 2000 to produce various types of sanitary vitreous Ceramics. Through updating and promotion of its production line machineries to increase the capacity and potentiality of manufacturing of large size products, this company has made a long step to meet the requirements of customers and to reduce time needed to meet the demands.
The company possesses a set of sanitary ceramic laboratories, research and development center, and quality control department. With the application of modern technologies and hiring the most skillful and qualified experts and professionals, the company is trying to fulfill its obligation by providing high quality and distinguishable products.
Sina Chini Co. with consistence outlook toward the most novel evolutions and the updated knowledge of “Sanitary Ceramics” industry and recognizing the demands of the customers, as well as increasing the potentialities has been able to produce a complete basket of sanitary ceramic productions including a variety of Iranian (Asian) and foreign bowel toilets, different types of classical WCs, and pedestals together with different types of cabinets and provide them to the internal and external markets.
This company is determined more than ever to promote the distinctive quality level of its products to replace them with similar foreign imported products.
Now, with this believe, in addition to providing distinctive productions, the family of Sina Chini finds itself committed to satiate the needs and preferences of the customers. In this respect the company is trying to provide its productions as the best available choice for the customers.

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