Rahkare Sabz Co.

Rahkare Sabz Co.

Subject: Consulting, designing, supervising, executing, equipping, commissioning and marketing indoor game venues

Province: Tehran

Address: Third Floor, Samarghand Recreational Complex, South Janat Abad, Shahid Hemmat Highway, Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 44 52 97 12

Fax: 021 - 89 77 36 09

Mobile: 0912 - 372 59 00

More Information: The management of Rahkare Sabz Company started its activity in 2008 in the field of consulting, design, supervision, execution, equipping, launching and marketing of indoor playgrounds.
Services :
1- Consulting: Providing basic information related to indoor amusement parks as well as feasibility study of the project based on the facilities, conditions and amount of investment announced by the employer.
2- Financial and economic estimation of the plan: Providing figures related to the required investment amount, current expenses, income and return on investment, in 20 items and only for the information of the employer. The interior design plan will be less.
3- Interior layout plan: designing and presenting the location and layout plan of gaming devices, required side spaces, installation location of special equipment and their dimensions based on the defined standards of indoor games city.

4- Execution supervision: Visiting the project in order to match the execution of the structure, decoration, installation of devices and ancillary equipment with the plan, as well as observing the technical and standard items related to indoor amusement parks.
5- Expertise and purchase of gaming devices: Preparation of appropriate shopping list with project conditions (quantitative, qualitative, sales amount) as well as identification, correspondence, negotiation and concluding contracts with domestic and foreign companies.
6- Management: planning, setting up organizational chart, hiring and training personnel and launching the project.
7- Marketing: Organizing and managing the marketing team to attract student groups from 5 practical methods.
Amusement machines:
- Group games, sports video games, spin games, racing games, individual games, prize games

number of visits : 120
Date of Registration : 1398-09-08
Expiration date : 1400-09-08

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