Milad Pars Oil Co.

Milad Pars Oil Co.

Subject: Production of various industrial oils in the field of tires and rubbers

Province: Tehran

Address: Fifth Floor, No. 16, 12th Alley, Bokhrest Ave., Tehran - IRAN

Phone: 021 - 88 17 12 53 - 58 ، 031 - 95 01 76 19

More Information: Milad Pars Oil Company was established with the aim of honoring Article 50 of the Constitution regarding the protection of the environment and also the optimal use of national resources in line with the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and relying on the knowledge, skills and experiences of university and industry experts. If, during half a decade of research and studies on petroleum products, refinery by-products, petrochemicals, chemicals, as well as wastes from these industries, which are somehow left in the environment or not incompletely and finally, which have environmental effects. Are being used and applied, has started to carry out activities in the field of conversion and use of the above-mentioned items into fully functional products in the oil, oil, petrochemical and chemical industries of industrial scale.
Products :
- Persis Rubber A: Uses in high elasticity rubber products such as tubes, conveyor belts, rubber covers, rubber gaskets, rubber household appliances
- Persis Rubber 380: Uses in the production of tires for cars, vans and road construction machinery, production of microwave ovens, appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, rubber rollers

number of visits : 90
Date of Registration : 1399-02-23
Expiration date : 1401-02-22

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