Jovain Agro-Ind.Co.

Jovain Agro-Ind.Co.

Subject: Manufacturer of white sugar, molasses and pulp - Production of citric acid - Production of strategic and fodder products - Production of nuts (raisins, almonds and walnuts) and leeks (including fruits) - Production of sacks - Manufacturer of industrial machinery - Livestock

Province: Khorasan, Razavi

Address: above the Neghab railway station, Jovain - IRAN

Phone: 051 - 45 29 32 02 - 07 ، 021 - 22 05 26 38

Fax: 051 - 45 29 32 52 ، 021 - 22 05 26 12

Whatsapp - Telegram - Instagram: @jovainco

More Information: Jovain Agro-industry Company is currently operating in several major areas:
- Jovain Sugar Factory: Manufacturer of white sugar, molasses and pulp
Joven Citric Acid Plant: The largest citric acid plant in the Middle East
- Agricultural unit (agriculture and private farms): production of strategic products and fodder
- Machinery unit: manufacturer of sprinkler irrigation equipment, manufacturer of food industry - mineral and pharmaceutical equipment, manufacturer of asphalt and sand washing plant equipment, manufacturer of carbon and steel tanks and pressure tanks, manufacturer of pulp drying machines in different tonnages, manufacturer of discharge devices Cereals and sugar beets, manufacturer of tractors behind the tractor, manufacturer of sheds and steel structures, the first manufacturer of honeycomb cooking machines in the country, the first manufacturer of dual-burner lime kilns in the country
- Orchards: Production of nuts (raisins, almonds and walnuts) and leeks (including fruits)
- Livestock unit: cattle breeding and calf breeding, sheep breeding and sheep breeding, poultry production and livestock and poultry feed production
Air Travel and Tourism Services Unit (Kamelia seir): Air Travel and Tourism Services
- Transport Company (Gol Kowsar) Joven: Issuance of transport bill of lading from Jovain origin to all parts of the country
- Semnan Sugar Company (Farasazan): Buy and sell white sugar, production and supply of granulated sugar, sugar packaging in packages of 1 to 10 kg
- Esfarayen loose limestone mine
Semnan sack weaving company (Khoshbaft): production of sacks in different weights and tensile strengths and completely resistant and export, production of sacks with nylon wrap and hygienic and sterilized, manufacturer of bags of cement, plaster, sugar and sugar, cereals, Livestock and poultry feed, other agricultural and industrial products

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Expiration date : 1404-02-20

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